Stainless-steel-sling-chain-system (NBKS) grade 50


Following the sling chain system grade 80 Kettenfabrik Unna has an equivalent system available, produced of stainless steel, in quality that corresponds to grade 50. For working load please check the table on page 19. This system is especially interesting for clients with high requirements on flexibility; where heavy loads have to be lifted with stainless steel elements or for applications which require the design of components of our NBKS. All elements, like safety latches, springs etc. are produced of stainless steel. The system fits for all kind of industries (like food, chemistry, pharmacy, galvanization, hardening shops, dyeing factories, pump companies etc.).

In contrast to the grade 80 sling chain system it is for safety reasons not allowed for the NBKS, to disassemble once installed elements, so that mix-ups with components of grade 80 are impossible. Please consider when using.

For the NBKS the same safety regulations apply as for the grade 80 sling chain system. That means for example, that every sling chain has to bear a tag, showing the relevant data. The test certificate, which will be issued by us, has to be stored for the lifetime of the chain and the chain has to be checked periodically. Please consider this, too. For a complete check list of the safety relevant regulations, please contact us.