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Stainless and Acid-Proof Steel Chains


Stainless Steels are available in more than 100 different qualities, meeting the requirements of the most different corrosive conditions by offering an exceptional quality: they are provided with a self-healing surface.

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Corrosion is the chemical or electrochemical reaction of metals with the environment, resulting in the impairment of material properties. Fundamentally, there are 3 different forms of corrosion ...

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The corresponding chain wheels are usually casted, but can also be turned. If the wheels are casted, please consider the free size tolerances for casted parts acc. to DIN 1681 for the installation.

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Following the sling chain system grade 80 Kettenfabrik Unna has an equivalent system available, produced of stainless steel, in quality that corresponds to grade 50. For working load please check the table on page 19. This system is especially interesting for clients with high requirements on flexibility; where heavy loads have to be lifted with stainless steel elements or for applications which require the design of components of our NBKS. All elements, like safety latches, springs etc. are produced of stainless steel. The system fits for all kind of industries (like food, chemistry, pharmacy, galvanization, hardening shops, dyeing factories, pump companies etc.).

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Chains for hot dip galvanizers, hardening shops and pickling plants because of the special environmental conditions (zinc baths up to 475°C, hydrochloric or sulphuric acid baths with a concentration of 15% at approx. 30°C=86°F) only chains in special qualities and with reduced lifting capacities can be used in hot dip galvanizing, hardening shops and pickling plants. If other chains are used there is a danger of hydrogen embrittlement.

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Chains, which are used at the coast, are being subject to strong corrosive influences. For chains, material 1.4401 or better should be used. For the execution of the chains please see the tables on materials.

Chains, which are used as anchor chains, have to correspond to DIN 766. The chains have to be calibrated, otherwise they will not run on the chain wheel. Please take care of good quality especially of these chains, as the value of a lost anchor is not in a relation to the additional cost of a good chain.

We can deliver the chain wheel upon request in stainless steel execution, too.

Below you will find a classification of chains and anchors to the water displacement of different yachts.