Chain wheels

The corresponding chain wheels are usually casted, but can also be turned. If the wheels are casted, please consider the free size tolerances for casted parts acc. to DIN 1681 for the installation.

For the successful use of chain wheels, it is necessary that, the chain and the wheels fit together. Basically, the chain has to be adjusted to the chain wheel. That means, a faultless cooperation of the chain and the chain wheel can only be guaranteed if, the chain wheel is either bought from the chain manufacturer together with the chains or if the wheel is being provided to the chain manufacturer for calibration. The chain will be calibrated then to the driving wheel.

For testing the cooperation between chain wheel and chain it is necessary that, the chain is under tension. The driving wheel has to be moved. A loose put down of the chain without tension into the teeth of the wheel is not sufficient.

The chain wheels can be produced in different executions, please check our catalogue for chain wheels. The wheels can be delivered without bore, with pre-bore or with completed bore incl. notch acc. to DIN 6885 or acc. to drawing.

Chain wheels can be described by the following data:

  • diameter of the chain (d)
  • pitch of the chain (t)
  • number of teeth (Z)
  • pitch circle diameter (DT)
  • outer diameter (D)
  • width of the wheel (Bc)
  • width of the hub (BN)
  • diameter of the hub (DN)