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Kettenfabrik Unna was founded in 1921 as a daughter company of Union Sils van de Loo & Co. Fröndenberg. In 1925 the two confidential clerks took the company over with a management buy-out. In 1928 paid one of the confidential clerks, Friedrich Jasper, the other one out. Since then Kettenfabrik Unna is a completely owned family company.

In 1949 followed with Dr. Manfred Jasper the second generation. With Dr. Ingo Jasper the third generation came in 1991 into the company.

Kettenfabrik Unna has its site for more than 40 years in the industrial area of Unna. The last extension took place in 1999/2000 - another hall was built with 1.300 m2. Chains and accessories are delivered in different executions worldwide. 

Quality was ever one of the main philosophies of Kettenfabrik Unna. This lead to different certifications of various institutions in the domestic market as well as in export markets. The last quality certificate obtained is the ISO 9001 : 2000. Kettenfabrik Unna has a complete delivery programme for link chains as well as for articulated chains. Articulated chains were taken up in the programme in 1990 and then continuously completed.

Kettenfabrik Unna delivers to many branches in many countries of the world - the reputation of Kettenfabrik Unna stands for quality.

Kettenfabrik Unna has all modern platforms for communication.


Dr. Ingo Jasper
Telefon: +49 (0) 2303-8806-0 · Fax: +49 (0) 2303-8806-85

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